Directive is a special plugin which is inspired by reStructuredText. The syntax is very powerful:

.. directive-name:: directive value
   :option-key: option value
   :option-key: option value

   full featured markdown text here

It was designed to be used by other plugins. There are three built-in plugins based on directive.


.. warning::

   You are looking at the **dev** documentation. Check out our
   [stable](/stable/) documentation instead.

Admonitions contains a group of directive-name:

attention  caution  danger  error
hint  important  note  tip  warning

To enable admonitions:

import mistune
from mistune.directives import Admonition

markdown = mistune.create_markdown(

TOC Plugin

.. toc:: Table of Contents
   :depth: 3

TOC plugin is based on directive. It can add a table of contents section in the documentation. Let’s take an example:

Here is the first paragraph, and we put TOC below.

.. toc::

# H1 title

## H2 title

# H1 title

The rendered HTML will show a TOC at the .. toc:: position. To enable TOC plugin:

import mistune
from mistune.directives import DirectiveToc

markdown = mistune.create_markdown(

If TOC directive is enabled, the heading method of renderer will accept one more parameter:

def heading(self, text, level):
    # without TOC directive
    return ''

def heading(self, text, level, tid):
    # with TOC directive
    return ''


.. include::

include is a powerful plugin for documentation generator. With this plugin, we can embed contents from other files.